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Welcome to our Store! Here, you’ll find items to enhance your visit as well as souvenirs to remember the journey. Your purchases help support the SPTA, and as always, we thank you!

SPT brochure Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike Visitor Guidebook
This 36-page booklet is perfect for the history buff traveling the turnpike! It has detailed descriptions of public and private sites as well as a few places off the turnpike that add to our unique history. It also includes maps and visitor center information.
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SPTA magnet SPT National Scenic Byway Keychains and Magnets
Do you like to support local artists? These laser-engraved items are made locally from black cherry, a beautiful Appalachian hardwood.
Magnet: 2 7/8” h x 1 ¾” w x 3/16” d
Keychain: 2 1/4" h x 1 3/8" w x 3/8" d
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Old View of Parkersburg Postcards
Everyone likes postcards! Whether you mail them or collect them, these highlight the turnpike quite nicely.
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History, Oral Tradition, Music, and More on Audio CD:

spt cd one Volume 1: Switchbacks and Wagon Tracks
The rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Virginia made for interesting tales of early transportation, trade, and migration. Witness the evolution of animal and Indian trails into the region’s premier highway linking the Shenandoah Valley and the Ohio River.
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spt cd two Volume 2: Holding Rugged Ground
Social divisions, violence, and passions left deep scars among the citizens of the newly-born state of West Virginia. Echoes of those Civil War times resurface in the music and stories of the mountain people.
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spt cd three Volume 3: We’d All Be Millionaires If We Had It Now!
The aftermath of the Civil War brought tremendous change to the Mountain State. The timber and coal boom of the late 1800s and the subsequent downturn in the early 1900s led to extreme hardships for many families.
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spt cd four Volume 4: Model T’s and Model Roads
The accelerating pace of technology and progress was slow to reach the mountains of West Virginia. Despite some neglect, the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike was still one of the best roads directly across the central Allegheny Mountains, and it was one of the first roads to be improved for motor vehicles.
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spt cd 5 Volume 5: The Old Stagecoach Line
Small towns were abundant along the turnpike. From early settlements to early automobiles, decades of change left a mark on the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike.
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spt cd six Volume 6: Took Off Running
A variety of cultures could be found along the turnpike. There were Irish and Italians, Catholic life and pike travelers from gypsies to Jesse James, as well as a history of slavery and the Underground Railroad.
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spt cd seven Volume 7: Old Virginians & Wildcatters
Stories of early Parkersburg, West Virginia statehood, timbering, Ritchie Mines, and the oil and gas industry detail the interesting history of the turnpike.
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