CMP 13 - Strategic Plan
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Chapter 13 – Strategic Plan

Following are objectives and strategies linked to the SPTA goals. These will lead to specific action steps for development of the Byway. The priorities and activity under each strategy will vary depending upon the priorities and capacity of partner organizations, funding and resources available, and successful completion of successive steps. Additional actions, and even changes in objectives and strategies, will be needed over time based on progress and emerging needs of the Byway. Thus this “plan” will change and grow as the development of the Byway progresses. This is a living document, and will be reviewed and updated periodically by the SPTA Board.


At the time of this writing (December 2005) the following are the identified top priorities for the SPTA Byway organization.


  Goal I -- Identify and protect resources

Identify our intrinsic quality resources (historic, archaeological, cultural, natural, scenic, and outdoor recreation) and work to conserve, protect, and restore them.


Objective A -- Continue to identify, survey, and recognize intrinsic quality resources.


Objective B -- Acquire and protect significant resources.


Objective C -- Restore and rehabilitate historic properties.


Objective D -- Conserve or restore endangered or damaged natural resources or ecosystems.


Goal II -- Interpret and enhance resources.

Provide interpretation and education about our intrinsic resources, and appropriately develop them for visitation in ways that value authenticity, quality, and respect for the resource and the community.


Objective A -- Implement interpretation of the Byway.


Objective B – Improve interpretation for individual sites and themes.


Objective C -- Develop additional sites for public access.


Objective D – Implement new Festivals and special events and support existing ones.


Objective E -- Involve schools.


Objective F -- Develop more outdoor recreation.


Goal III -- Promote appropriate tourism.

Plan for and encourage tourists who are attracted by the resources the Byway offers to visit the Byway and our communities. Develop tourism services and businesses that will provide jobs and community economic development. Provide cooperative promotion and marketing of the Turnpike as a heritage tourism destination. Offer an authentic, quality, and positive experience for visitors and the community.


Objective A -- Develop directional and welcome signage.


Objective B -- Improve tourism services.


Objective C – Improve Marketing and promotion.


Goal IV-- Encourage Involvement and stewardship.

Promote constituency and grassroots involvement that will encourage pride and stewardship. Utilize collaborative partnerships to effectively work together to bring the Turnpike vision alive.


Objective A -- Develop A Management Entity.


Objective B -- Improve public awareness.


Objective C -- Build public participation.